Educate A Child and the Bharti Foundation

The Bharti Foundation was set up in 2000 to contribute to the development of India. As the philanthropic arm of the Bharti Group of Companies, it works to bridge the existing education divide and make quality education accessible to underprivileged children in rural India.

Educate A Child and the Bharti Foundation
May 15, 2014

The Foundation aims to help underprivileged children and young people of the country realise their potential. Its flagship programme, the Satya Bharti School Program, contributes to the nation’s education agenda. Through its Satya Bharti School initiative, the Bharti Foundation creates replicable and scalable models of quality education schooling in the country.

Current Statistics
Number of Centres: 216
Number of Children Impacted: 5,161
  – No. of Children Enrolled: 4,752
  – No. of Children Mainstreamed: 409
% of Girl Students: 50%
% of SC/ST/OBC Students: 89%
Number of Education Volunteers: 244
All centres are within government schools. (Data as on 31st January, 2014)

Satya Bharti Schools stand as beacons of hope in the villages of India.  They offer quality age-appropriate education, free of cost to underprivileged children, along with welfare schemes like mid-day meals, school uniforms, and education materials.

The programme has a special focus on girls, committed to developing them into self-reliant individuals with a deep sense of social commitment.  In higher classes, vocational courses are introduced to enhance employability.

The EAC and Bharti Foundation partnership creates opportunities for the enrolment of out-of-school children through existing Satya Bharti Schools and support to government schools. The partnership will enrol over 48,000 out-of-school children in India.