EOI guidelines – At Risk of dropping out of primary education

In addition to the millions of children who drop out of primary education annually there are many millions more who are at risk of dropping out.

In 2018, EAC introduced a new initiative under its strategic objective to: Ensure inclusive and equitable access to primary education for out of school children, that will support children who are considered to be “at risk” of dropping out of primary education. EAC’s target population is the more disadvantaged and marginalized children within school/communities, those “at high risk” and those “at most risk” of dropping out.

The following guidelines specify how potential partners can submit Expressions of Interest (EOI), and offers a breakdown of the appraisal criteria used for potential partners.


EOI submission guidelines

EAC encourages the submission of an Expression of Interest (EOI) by a potential partner who has carefully reviewed the below partnership criteria and feels strongly that they are able to demonstrate that they meet these criteria. 

Should you, after assessing EAC criteria against your project, feel that we are mutually aligned please download the “at risk” EOI template.

  • All EOIs should be submitted in English
  • All currency amounts entered in the EOI should be shown in USD ($) only
  • Submit EOI to: partners@educateachild.org.qa
  • Label your email: EOI – At Risk – your organization name
  • Please note that combined At Risk and OOSC enrolment EOIs will not be considered

Expressions of Interest evaluation criteria – At risk of dropping out of primary education:

Potential projects should strongly align to all criteria to be considered for support.

EAC EOI submission timelines:

Effective 1 January, 2022, EAC will have two EOI submission periods each year.

  • The first submission window will be during the first quarter of the year, 1 January through 31 March.
  • The second submission window will be during the 3rd quarter of the year, 1 July through 30 September.

Potential partners can expect feedback on an EOI submission in the subsequent quarter. That is:

Request for proposal (RFP)

EOI feedback will indicate if the EOI was successful or not.

Potential partners submitting successful EOIs, will receive a RFP in either the second or fourth quarter of the year (dependent on which quarter the EOI was submitted). The RFP will include a specific timeline for the submission of a proposal. (This is usually 6 weeks)

  • 1 April through 30 June if the EOI was submitted in the first quarter, and
  • 1 October through 31 December if the EOI was submitted in the third quarter.