Quality Basic Education for OOSC in Yemen

The Quality Basic Education for Out of School Children in Yemen project will enrol 102,000 OOSC in Yemen by creating and supporting quality interventions that facilitate children’s access to education and create in them the love for learning.

This is being done through the following interventions: constructing 500 classrooms in areas where children are not going to school because of a lack of school spaces; building the capacity of parents’ councils, student councils and teachers in 1,000 schools; expanding the existing early grade reading program to at least 500 schools—enroling and retaining 30,000 children over three years; supporting on-going programs that provide academic support and streamlining education for children aged 10-14 who have missed regular school; and raising awareness of the importance of enrolling OOSC in Yemen.

Project finished



EAC and the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) are partnering in Chad, Comoros, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Yemen to bring quality basic education to over 3.3 million children.




Retaining much of its tribal character, north and south Yemen joined forces in 1990 to become what we know today as Yemen. Internal conflict in the form of protests resulted in then president Saleh stepping down. Political reforms followed, however in September 2014, rebels seized the capital, Sanaa and according to the BBC, have shown no signs of readiness to withdraw. EAC partnerships with UNHCR and with UNICEF will ensure quality education for tens of thousands of children in Yemen.