Education for OOSC in Pakistan

In partnership with EAC, The Citizens Foundation’s Education for OOSC in Pakistan project targets out of school children from marginalized communities in low income and conflict-ridden (sectarian/religious) areas, of Pakistan who have been deprived from educational opportunities.

With support from EAC, The Citizens Foundation (TCF) is inducting OOSC into primary education at TCF schools across Pakistan. It is estimated that approximately 18,000 to 23,000 OOSC will be inducted annually. Over a four-year period, a total estimated 82,710 children will enrol. The project includes community mobilization through door-to-door canvassing; visiting students’ homes to gauge income levels during the scholarship determination process; conducting parent-teacher meetings; hiring teachers and staff from the community; and involving students’ mothers in the Aagahi adult literacy program to enable them to serve as voluntary teacher assistants.

TCF’s work is supported by a network of charities and receives donations both from individuals and corporations. Beyond EAC funding, TCF will provide an additional 5 years of education to the newly enroled children, which will result in their completion of a full course of primary education.

Project finished


The Citizens Foundation (TCF)

The Citizens Foundation (TCF) in Pakistan believes that access to basic education is the right of each individual and not a privilege. The EAC-TCF partnership works to help guarantee this right, by providing quality education to children who live in rural and urban slums of Pakistan.




Pakistan is transitioning from an agriculture economy to one oriented around industry and services. The country spends a large proportion of its budget on national security and loan interest payments, leaving relatively smaller amounts for investment in infrastructure and social services, such as health and education.