Implementing Partner

Care International

EAC and Care, have partnered to increase enrollment and completion of a full course of primary education for 50,000 children in Haiti and 30,100 children in Somalia who are currently out of school.

Care International

Care International is a global confederation of 13 national member organizations, and a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty.  In Haiti, Care has managed education projects such as school feeding, school governance, school construction, and projects for restavek (domestic servitude) children, since the early 1990s.  Since 1981, Care has worked in Somalia to provide emergency relief and assistance in the areas of water and sanitation, sustainable pastoralism, civil society and media development, small-scale enterprise development, primary school education, teacher training, adult literacy and vocational training.

In the countries where Care works, it engages individuals, families, teachers, communities, governments, local partners and advocacy groups to create powerful education initiatives that are crucial to fighting poverty.

In  Haiti, EAC’s partnership with Care’s targets out of school boys and girls in: 

  • Restavek (domestic servitude) in rural areas;
  • Rural farm areas with the highest poverty rates and the lowest school access rates; and
  • The streets of the cities of Carrefour and Port-au-Prince.

In Somalia, the EAC and Care partnership aims to increase enrollment, retention and completion of primary school for 30,100 children who are currently out of school.  The partnership will target children in rural areas as well as out of school children in Mogadishu.

For more information about this EAC Implementing Partner, please visit Care-Haiti’s website.


Waxbar Carurtaada II – Educate Your Children II

Waxbar Carurtaada II – Educate Your Children II

Since 2013, EAC and CARE have been working together in Somalia via a range of education initiatives to reach some of the country’s most marginalised out of school children (OOSC). Through a new partnership project, EAC and CARE seek to enrol 57,600 more OOSC into quality primary education.

Waxbar Caruurtaada – Educate Your Children!

Successfully Completed Project

In Somalia, with EAC co-funding, CARE is implementing the Waxbar Caruurtaada project to enrol 30,100 out of school children in primary education. The project works to decrease the educational disparities that exist in Somalia particularly in rural areas where accessing education is a challenge and schools struggle to offer quality education due to low teacher retention and inadequate facilities.

Quality Basic Education for OOSC in Haiti

Successfully Completed Project

EAC and Care are working in Haiti to improve quality, equity and access to primary education for 50,000 out of school children.