Implementing partners

Implementing partners are organisations that have a demonstrated understanding of the obstacles faced by out of school children and have implemented successful approaches to enable children to overcome these obstacles in order to access and complete a quality primary education. EAC is interested in providing millions of primary school age children who are out of school with an opportunity to participate in quality education. By working in partnership and emphasising innovation, scale and sustainability, EAC will facilitate the fulfilment of childrens' right to education.

To accomplish this, Educate A Child is seeking partnerships with organisations that have national, regional, or global reach and demonstrated success in accessing out of school children (OOSC).

EAC will consider Expressions of Interest (EOI) from potential partners that can demonstrate their ability to expand existing programs to reach a greater number of out of school children, or that propose new programs that will enrol large numbers of out of school children. 

EAC seeks potential partners that have experience reaching out of school children with education through proven and innovative solutions, and has demonstrated strong implementation capacity.

EAC is not a donor. EAC finances projects on a co-funding basis, and therefore partner organisations must be able to contribute at least 50% of the total project costs. Co-funding may include direct contributions from the partner organisation and/or contributions from other parties.

EAC offers potential and current partners, technical support from a team of international development professionals (Meet Our Team) who have extensive and diverse experience in education around the world.  The EAC team of specialists has experience in the creation and implementation of complex educational programs that have addressed many of the barriers to education, such as urban slums and remote rural locations, gender, conflict, poverty and environmental disaster.  EOI’s and Proposals are reviewed against set criteria to determine their suitability for partnership.

Steps to become an EAC Implementing Partner

  1. Meet the criteria for EAC Implementing Partners
  2. Submit a Potential Partner Inquiry Form via email to
  3. Upon internal review and approval by EAC of the Potential Partner Inquiry Form, next submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) that meets EAC’s EOI submission guidelines directly through EAA’s Management Information System (MIS).
  4. EOI’s reviewed for those that propose promising, innovative initiatives that incorporate proven strategies and new innovations, and that are aligned with EAC’s mission, vision and principles.
  5. If the EOI is successful, organisations invited to submit proposals for review.
  6. If the proposal is successful, EAC and the potential new partner develop a partnering agreement.