Laying Bricks for the Future with UNICEF Chad

Educate A Child salutes the efforts of UNICEF and the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) to bring key stakeholders together to keep the promise of quality primary education for all children through the Revitalizing Basic Education in Chad project.

Laying Bricks for the Future with UNICEF Chad
September 26, 2016

Against the backdrop of alarming poverty levels, a shortage of trained teachers and school infrastructure, and a population of out of primary school-age children numbering close to 357,000, the project has set its sights on enrolling OOSC, constructing and equipping classrooms and installing WASH facilities in target schools to boost retention rates, particularly amongst girls.

From the regions of Guéra and Logone Occidental to Ouaddaï and Sila, this partnership project is increasing access to quality education and making a difference in the lives of Chad’s OOSC.  To date, this joint initiative has enrolled 30,745 OOSC, constructed and equipped more than 1,000 additional classrooms and upwards of 34,000 school children are now benefitting from improved access to gender-friendly WASH facilities. ‘EAC is especially appreciative of the context and the approaches and project inputs appropriately tailored to it’, said Dr Mary Joy Pigozzi, Executive Director of Educate A Child.

The progress is almost palpable.  In light of the positive changes occurring in Chad’s education sector, a recent ground-breaking ceremony at the site of a project school in Moundou, Logone Occidental assembled officials from the Qatari Embassy in N’Djamena, and representatives from the Ministry of Education and UNICEF Chad to lend a hand and lay bricks in this grand undertaking.

Educate A Child is immensely grateful for UNICEF’s and GPE’s partnership and commitment to helping OOSC worldwide realise their right to an education.