Global Education & Skills Forum: 15-17 March 2014

Educate A Child Director, Mary Joy Pigozzi was invited to take part in a panel discussion at the recent Global Education & Skills Forum, 2014, in Dubai.

Global Education & Skills Forum: 15-17 March 2014
March 17, 2014

The Forum, Co-organized by UNESCO, Varkey GEMS Foundation, UAE Ministry of Education, GEMS Education, and Dubai Cares in support of the Global Education First Initiative, invites heads of government to meet with business leaders with a view to strengthening ties and further engaging the private sector in the field of education. Through such engagement, they hope to begin working more effectively towards a better-educated and more equitable society on a worldwide scale.

The Director of Educate A Child was invited to contribute to a discussion on “Interventions in low-Income countries: how to engage the private sector”.

Her opening comments related to the innovations and applications of private sector practices that are being implemented by EAC partners around the globe in support of providing out of school children an opportunity to succeed in a quality primary education program. 

Other topics discussed were the advantages and disadvantages of corporate social responsibility programs and the importance of the corporate sector as a major supporter of primary education.