Educate Every Child

Educate Every Child
Zero OOSC—What is this?
Educate A Child is continuing its commitment to OOSC by adding another strategy to find creative ways to enable every child to realize its right to a quality primary education. Zero OOSC is working with government and other partners in countries with small numbers of remaining OOSC to enable attainment of Universal Primary Education. This is a bold goal—one we plan to reach!
Far from just another campaign or passing fancy, EAC’s Zero OOSC Initiative represents the credible means by which the most disadvantaged children in countries within an arm’s reach of UPE will, at long last, embark upon a pathway to a better life. Their lives are absolutely integral to any effort to achieve a sustainable planet Earth for generations to come.
It is time to join the in the fight against education exclusion and accelerate progress on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Several governments have pledged with our Foundation to meet the audacious Zero OOSC goal and have made the commitment to UPE (universal primary education) official. But, there is so much more to do – a single child out of school anywhere is one out of school child too many to bear.
EAC is calling on government stakeholders in education to take up the mantle to Educate Every Child and realise UPE for the remaining OOSC within their borders. Together, along with new partners from a range of other sectors, we can find innovative and creative ways to enrol millions more of the hardest-to-reach OOSC. We, therefore, call on champions of change to join the Zero OOSC initiative and bring the last OOSC into quality primary education once and for all.
If you represent a government authority in education and/or are interested in engaging with Zero OOSC, please feel free to reach out to us at
For more information on the specifics of Zero OOSC Initiative, please access the corresponding brochure here.