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In exploring each theme or topic, you can learn more about the challenges faced by the world’s out of school children, those already enrolled and the people, communities, organisations and governments that support these children in accessing and successfully completing a full course of quality primary education.

Far from just another campaign, EAC’s historic Zero OOSC initiative represents the credible means by which the most disadvantaged children in countries within an arm’s reach of Universal Primary Education (UPE) will embark upon a pathway to a better life! EAC is calling on government stakeholders in education to take up the mantle to Educate Every Child and realise UPE for the remaining OOSC within their borders. Zero OOSC is working with government and other partners in countries with small numbers of remaining OOSC to make real the promise of Universal Primary Education for every child.

Barriers to Education
Lack of access to education may be the result of a combination of multiple barriers.
Access & Retention
Increasing Access to and Retention in Primary Education: A literature review.