Oussama Eraky

Operations Specialist

Mr Oussama Eraky, EAC Operations Specialist has over 8 years’ experience in banking, having worked in both Egypt and Qatar on contract management, operations management and finance. Mr Eraky has worked in both private and public sectors including working with Islamic finance and investment banking.  Mr Eraky’s current responsibilities include grants management, budgeting, developing templates and financial assessment tools and monitoring and reviewing partner financial reports. Mr Eraky also assists with the coordination of legal and financial aspects of EAC work with other programme components.

Mr Eraky is fluent in both English and Arabic, holds a B.Sc. of International Commerce from Zagazig University and a M.Sc. in Islamic Finance from the Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies – Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar Foundation.  Mr Eraky is active in civil society as a member of environmental and social development organizations. He is also a committed volunteer for various local and International social / charity events.