Jade McCulloch

Engagement Manager

Ms Jade McCulloch is Head of Engagement at Educate A Child.  She manages EAC correspondence, communications, and technical management systems, contributing to EAC’s web presence. Prior to joining EAC, she served as Operations Manager for COP18/CMP8: United Nations Framework for Climate Control Conference, in Doha, Qatar within the Media & Communications department. Prior to this, she served as Operations Manager at Deliverers Consultancy Ltd. where she worked with multi-national companies to help them meet their strategic business objectives.

Ms. McCulloch holds a BA with Distinction and MSc with Distinction in Business Management with Human Resources Management from Edinburgh Napier University in the UK. Having written her dissertation on ‘Qatarisation’ and bridging the skills gap, she specializes in helping companies clients achieve material change, with transformational and innovative workplace learning programs that align with company objectives.