Our Partners

From the start, EAC has recognised the value of partnership. To accelerate the identification, enrolment and completion of primary education for at least 10 million out of school children, EAC works through a diverse set of partners ranging from major international educational, development, and humanitarian organisations to locally-based groups.

Our Partners


Strategic Partners

Strategic partners are made up of organisations with global reach that have a similar mission and vision as EAC, and that through their reputation and worldwide presence, support EAC with advice and access to resources and networks. Current strategic partners are:

Advocacy Partners

Advocacy Partners bring their expertise, energy, and, indeed, their persuasive influence to get focus and action in support of changing the situation of the millions of children who are out of school. Current advocacy partners are:

Resource Partners

Resource partners are organizations that contribute to EAC’s mission through providing evidence of what works in reaching OOSC; innovation in developing the most practical, appropriate, and affordable means to addressing the obstacles faced by OOSC; and financial resources that help close the funding gap for primary education. Current resource partners are:

Implementing Partners

Implementing Partners are organizations that have a demonstrated understanding of the obstacles faced by OOSC and have implemented successful approaches to enable children to overcome these obstacles in order to access and complete a quality primary education. Current implementing partners are: