Our Approach

EAC acts from a rights-based approach to education. We focus on enabling children to realise their right to an education by eliminating the obstacles they face. By working in partnership and emphasising innovation, scale and sustainability, we want to enable every child to fulfil their right to education.

Our Approach

EAC provides co-funding to implementing partners with established education approaches and on-going interventions within communities where they work. EAC recognizes and appreciates the wealth of knowledge and experience that its partners bring to the issue of out of school children.  Therefore, EAC does not dictate the types of interventions or the approaches that partners use to address the needs of out of school children.

EAC identifies and expands opportunities to reach the most marginalised and hardest to reach children and families and help them access  and complete education. EAC and its partners help out of school children overcome the obstacles they face in realising their right to education by addressing these barriers through proven and innovative, locally appropriate interventions.

EAC and its partners often implement more than one strategy to address the multiple barriers that children face.


Barriers and obstacles to education and approaches adopted by EAC and its partners to address them: